Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back to San Jose

This weekend was simply awesome. It reminds of how much my life has changed and how much I need to get it back. I was able to catch up with friends and enjoy the places I once occupied everyday. I miss having my own space... my own kitchen, my own living room, and my own dinning area turned art studio. It was great to have those little things again, even if for a short while. No written or spoken words could express just how much I enjoyed every little thing and everyone this weekend. Thankfully, thanks to the help of Nelson, I was able to capture each event with my camera. Looking at my pictures makes me happy and looking at my pictures makes me sad, however I am thankful to have my memories.

First thing I did when Chris and I got there was eat at our favorite place.... Yes!!! the Vegan Deli, Good Karma.

I love Vegan Deli... Yummy spicy tofu, tofu curry, and teriyaki tofu. Mmmmm...

Walking around downtown put me right at home. When I come back I am moving there again, fuck Campbell. What perfect weather.

We met Nelson for pitchers at Peanuts... so cheap and so good.

Goofing around... what else would we do with Nelson?

Of course there was art involved. Yes, that is mustard and ketchup... real artists don't need to stay in the boundaries of conventional art.

Peace and happiness... the ATM is in my head.

Grilled cheese and jam... scribbling while on the phone with Jayme who is flying back from Colorado.

Just a bit of silliness.

Taking pictures is probably how we got lost on the way to Fry's

Just doing my part at spreading the love and art.

Next, we met up with the 4th street ballers, or one of them... Ed. They smoked Nathan's weed before we left, but compensated him with a little rum.

Oh guitar hero... how I love you, but you need better songs.

When Jayme got in it took like 2 seconds before the delicious cookies her mama made were munched on. Peter found a boomerang!

Ed, doing weird Ed things while everyone stoop'n


The kitties came out to play

Finaly, Crystal, Nate, and Nikki too all came over for fun.

After a long lightrail ride home and very very little sleep, we cleaned the apartment the next day. It was our reasoning for coming up to the bay area. While we cleaned, Willy came by to say hello. I miss Willie, he is such a good kitty cat.

We had no furniture, so the floor is where I spent most of my time. Looking at things from the ground is a good way to exprience things differently.

I felt kinda sad in my empty apartment. It once was occupied with all my treasures, art, and kitties. Now it is just a shell of a place. Even though I shouldn't I will miss it very much.

My latest painting is being saved. Hopefully, I will one day finish it.

Chris and I decided to take a break from cleaning and go thrift store shopping. MoonZoom is freakin' awesome. I really really want this dress but don't want to pay for it.. of course, haha, but I do love my ladybug shirt I got.

After shopping we stopped by downtown and bothered Ed, the second worst employee of Ben and Jerry's, while he worked. Next, we stopped by Nathan's to visit with him and Crystal. They also informed us on what time it always is and how to pronounce theather in Philipino English.

At our last night in the empty apartment Nikki and Ed stopped by for one last beer and to play dominos. I was so tired after all the cleaning and staying up late that I did not mind sleeping on the floor that night.

The next morning when we awoke it was freezing cold and cloudy... and I loved it. I didn't want to go back to the hellish Central Valley. I soaked in every minute and now that I am home I really really miss it.

That was my last experience at this apartment. Even though this apartment is littered in some nasty times it has many many good ones too. I watched the Sharks kick so much ass in that living room, Andrew peed on the wall in both the living room and bedroom, the kitties loved hidding in the cubboards, and this is the apartment where I did lots and lots of screen printing. No more apartment 5 sadly.

How great it was to go home and how unfortunate that I once again had to leave. I am toiling with myself having to go through this readjustment stage of going from San Jose to Visalia again. Everything this weekend was ideal and the sad part was that most days were like that for me only a couple of weeks ago. Everything has changed. The fun times I had this weekend was a vacation, but once it was my life. How could I have let that lifestyle slip away? I miss it and I miss everyone despite the fact that it wasn't perfect; nothing is. Being in San Jose not only made me realize how much I miss it but how little there is here for me in Visalia. I would much rather be very poor and homeless in San Jose than be taken care of in Visalia. No amount of money or words could convince me otherwise at this moment in time. Hopefully, tomorrow brings me good news and closer to getting back home. Thank you friends for coming out to play with me in San Jose. I will be back, I promise... for my own sake and sanity.