Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last Trip as a San Jose Vistor

These are my photos from my last trip to San Jose.

"Hey Matthause! Chris and I are in San Jose. What's up?"
"Cool I will see you in a minute." *click*
As if we had a choice.

First thing when I entered the apartment:

Matthause hands me a filled bong... 1 minute 6 seconds
Matt takes out his meat... 1 minute 10 seconds

When I mean "meat" I meant his hotdog wrapped in salami, topped with bacon and smothered in cheese...
and to Matt's request "no vegetables"

After a night clouded in weed and bouts of drunkenness we woke up in San Jose at Nelsons place.

Got to explore around downtown.

Of course ended up at the school...

and more importantly I ended up in my favorite building.

Afterward we had fun times with Nelson since he was flying out that evening.

Indian food looks weird at any step of the cooking, eating, or digestive process.

Somebody is getting shit faced before his plane ride...
so he could annoy his fellow passengers.

All he packed was an easel... southwest wouldn't let his bring the paints.

I lived off sindhi rotis

The lucky girls who got to drive the drunk fool to the airport

Before the hockey game

Oh yes, the kitchen....

the joy of cooking.... with Ed

Its hockey night in San Jose

Last years accomplishments

Heatley's debut night at the Shark Tank

This moment was his penalty shot to scored his first hat-trick as a Shark

Of course he was successful
awesome to witness a hat-trick let alone Heatley's first as a Shark on opening night

Raising the roof

Next morning I was left alone to wandered
Ended up at bum park
so I caught the 73 to the coy park and the hockey rink

the Sharks had practice that morning... goodie

I love any hockey player who went to Princeton and invented the multi-headed tap before his NHL career... oh douglas

:-) seto

After watching Jumbo and meeting up with Chris we walked around some more

the leafs are changing in the city

yup, I checked out MORE books at the library...
couldn't help myself...

so bad I spilled honey all over the books

future home again...

after getting all drugged up at the 4th street apt with Matthause, his new boyfriend Mike, Nate, Eduardo, and Nikki we all went to the campus movie fest.

Nate's film didn't place but it was nice to see a retarded porn dungeon Matt blown up on the big screen

this is proof the Portuguese haven't done shit since the 16th century...

Just loading up on gas and black power before heading to the beach

was going to Santa Cruz but decided on Capitola... less people

We found a nice place to stop for a beer
and clam chowder... yes I went for it

Eating meat...OoOoO

but I've been told by meat eaters that clams don't count

This bum with the box just yelled at the baby...

"You bastards broke up Journey!!!"

Back to the Matt Cave

This is what drugs do to you...
"Its like a fish sanctuary for your body"

Morning alone at Nelsons

the goblin was waiting for me to leave my tea and honey unattended

When Chris got back from work we headed to a pizza place for beer and the 49ers

I worked on the baby blanket for Abbi
she was due when I was there but no baby...
(as of tonight though steph's water just broke... baby time again)

drink drink drink... stitch stitch stitch
nerd nerd nerd

Last frog friends before we left...

Got into Modesto pretty late but the mom and dad to be were still up
we chatted, watched TV, smoked... not the prego one

the next morning I said bye to Chris as he headed back to San Jo
I spent the morning with Shell and Brody before heading back to Visalia

As much as I hate Visalia...
I love my kitties and it was great to see their cute kitty faces

once the cow shit hits your nose you know the trip is over

of course when I got back I realized my power supply in my computer was out and naturally no where in Visalia sells computer parts because y'all are hicks

had to order the part, that I could have easily picked up at the store in San Jo had I known I needed, but...
I changed it myself. I opened that fucking computer, ripped out its heart and replaced it...
I am a genius

So that was my last trip to San Jose before I become a resident again.

Just got word today that I would be moving back in a couple of weeks. Once we have a place Chris, Matthause, the kitties, and I will be living under the same roof

Matt is gonna kill one of my cats, isn't he?