Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Miss My Puppy

Poor Simba...

I thought I'd be ready for this, given the last 5 years of expectation due to his old age, however I wasn't.

All the sudden my horrible summer in Visalia seems to have had more than just a financial purpose after all and I'm thankful I got one more summer with Simba. It makes me feel good to have that and to know first hand from it that he was happy up until he passed. He was likely happy everyday of his life... of course with exception to the day mom died; yup he knew.

It is very unfortunate he passed at Christmas time... really universe, anytime of year but now would have been better. I hate how Christmas is suppose to be this happy time but for me its laced in death anniversaries.

I really feel bad for my dad. Now he really is ALL alone in that house.

Poor Simba... I miss him