Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm Mexican
and its Cinco de Mayo
this is as Mexican as I get

Been working on fiber arts for some extra income.
It keeps me busy and... blind or blindly apathetic to my ummm... life

tis fun to make pretty things

so I'm done
I really fucked up this relationship... royally.
it ending is likely real health and not just for me... despite what chris thinks
I've got a lot of discovery to do... about myself that is
I'm not happy with myself... mentally, physically, (as grandpa would say) astrologically, etc... my life.
and that just

I need to change that.
I need to think things through
I need to stop letting people tell me who I am... I choose who I am
I need to be nicer to my body before some serious issues develop
I need to get out of San Jose
I need to get my anxiety undercontrol
I need to set myself down and seriously approach my art with galleries in mind
I need to be on my own
I feel like everyone's possession
I need to just be myself...

I need a vacation
I cannot afford it if I wanna move...
but I'm going to Emissions...
I need to
get away...