Saturday, July 11, 2009

Old Friends Make Great Days

Mop of Hair
Miss. West
... and Can'tDance
After a long catch up conversation we did something completely out of character.... sports???
Somebody was afraid of the ball, however she actually caught it.
My sports knowledge is significantly greater.
Ashley looks so pretty in this photograph.
Can'tDance is ready for football. Ashley is likely not ready to recieve it.

What a great day to spend with two people I've known and loved for a decede and more. It was such a treat since Christmas is usually our only time together. Ashley and I are living quite similar but different lives... we've managed to be very complex in corresponding ways. Its exciting to chat of Candace getting marriage. I cannot wait to get all decked out in fancy dresses and appreciate sepending more pleasurable times with each other.
A day like this was needed to get my mind away from the bullshit clogging my thoughts. Today was just simply great. Now tomorrow... next week... next month... unfortunately will not be so easy, but this was a supreme way to begin a difficult journey. Thank you for being my friends :-)


Ashley said...

thanks for being MY friend =)