Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Unexpected Weekend

This last Thursday Chris and I planned a day trip in Visalia... thankfully what was supposed to be a day quickly became more, even taking us to San Jose.

First, Thursday morning... there was much anticipation by both me and the kitties.
They waited all morning.

When Chris came in the first thing I did was hand him Sis and Jerry.
After a happy family reunion we tried to think of something to do so early in the morning... naturally I thought of the flea market.

Mexicans and Chickens

My people love their scary Jesus'

Next we went to Dimples for breakfast... I am still obsessed with ketsup and eggs :-)

I got a little lucky egg bracelet for Jacqui

After breakfast we went shopping for kitty stuff like litter and treats, we picked out the yarn for the baby blanket I am making for Andrew and Steph's baby, we got guitar strings, and I went to my favorite shop in Visalia... Green Goddess :-)

Next we headed up to Three Rivers for hiking around and a nice lunch.

The air was all dirty with smoke from a nearby forest fire.

Chris on the rocks

We went up to the Gateway for lunch... very yummy... very expensive. But looking at the duckies was nice

Yummy lunch...
I never realized that the old bridge next to the Gateway was called the Pumpkin Hollow Bridge... reminded me of Miss. Jayme

We saw this and thought of my grandpa

We like our cows alive

When we got back into Visalia we called Grandma and Grandpa. All of us, including my brother Raymond, went to Howie & Sons for cheap yummy beer and pizza.

Grandpa's got beer... Grandma's got wine

Very cheap pitchers

Hey look... we actually got a picture of Raymundo

Chris and Grandpa talking History over beers.

After we were finished with dinner and decided after we dropped Raymond off we would go downtown to the Cellar Door to see RC's set... who we found out earlier that day was playing in Visalia that night. When we got to my dad's house we got the idea that I should go back to Ceres with Chris. So, Fuck it, we didn't go see RC, we packed a few things, and then said bye to the kitties.

The kitties where not happy we were both leaving.

We bolted out of disgusting Visalia to get to disgusting Ceres...
but the next day would take us to San Jose

After a night in Ceres, the next day we left for San Jose... :-)

Chris had to work for a couple hours when we arrived, so I was on my own to walk around the campus and downtown. Everyone seemed to be busy or at work so I just enjoyed myself until Matt got off. I walked around the campus... something I haven't done in a while... I checked out books from the library... :-) now I have reason to return... and then I walked around to I found a nice place to read.

Then Matt called and I walked to their place where Chris eventually met up with us. We were going to go to the bars but since we are all cheap we ordered pizza and bought a bunch of beer. Now we were ready for football.

Nathan killed everyone at dominos

Fight Night

Then Matt busted out Salvia to put on our weed..... YESS!!!! I smoked weed :-)

This is before the Salvia...

This is after...

After a long trippy drawing session with Matt we crashed. The next morning Chris had to work again so we got up early and went to the yummy bagel house in Naglee Park

I love those bagels

So, Chris left me in downtown while he worked.

This lead me to Mr. Nelson who was pulling an all nighter of drinking and drawing. Drawing in the morning just seemed like the right thing to do... so we went outside

I got derrr spoon

Art School outside

Nelson needed milk money

Weirdo neighbor

After Chris got off we hung out for a little bit but we were needed back in Modesto... so we had to head out early.

That night we had a BBQ with the kids. We made french fries, salad, meat for the kids, and veggie burgers for us. But first Jacqui and I made homemade bread.... yum!!!

Helping Jacqui knead her bread.

Chris grilled meat... we don't know how to do that... but the kids didn't die so they must have been cooked all the way.

It was a great weekend. I really enjoyed spending time with Chris, the surprise of going to San Jose, and getting to have a great meal with the kids was a blast.

Thank you Chris for the great weekend.