Sunday, September 6, 2009

Too Much Boredom and Some Bits of Happiness Too

I've been a horrible blogger lately. However, there is little to report and it is likely no one bothers with reading this... so why with all the updates, that's what facebook is for.

I wish work consumed me more than it does so I will have less free time. Hopefully, this other job works out in my favor. Less free time means less time to wallow in my misfortunes and wander the different rooms in my mind... I just want to be busy. Lately, to occupy myself I've been drawing and painting. I found labels and stole plantogram labels from work to make stickers to post where ever.... they are very Lindsay'ish

Very thankfully, right after Raymond left and I was down, Miles and Nick where in Visalia. It was nice to catch up with Milely, who is probably most like me over any of my other family members. His girlfriend Ashley is a sweetheart and it was nice seeing more of her. It was also very nice rekindling my friendship with Nick. I forgot how ridiculously awesome it was to hang out with those guys... I've enjoyed myself. They've gotten me out and lifted my mood. So many shows... I feel so involved, but I love expanding my musical interests, so I'm happy they encouraged it. Unfortunately, they are both back to their lives at school and me back to my uneventful one here. I still refuse to make Visalian friends because I want my time here to be like a one night stand... I want to use Visalia then bail.

After the first show I said fuck it to my camera and didn't pick it up for a week. This was the only photo I took of all the shows I've been to (look at all those dicks, no more dicks... someone catch the TPB referense). I wanted to photograph the Matt and Kim show with Ashley but I was too shroomed out, drunk, stoned, and got engulfed in too much dramatic bullshit to even consider pictures. I was tripping bad and could hardly stand let alone hold a camera. It was a great show despite all the crap... I haven't yelled at someone like that in a while... I'm just glad it wasn't my drama this time

One boring day, I dug through a bunch of old photographs and found many forgotten memories. I loved my handmade camera. I wish I still had it. This was one of the photographs I took with it... I love it, fuck digtal

I believe this one was actually taken my first semester of collage. If I could, I would rewind back to this moment.

Of course I need to toss in a few kitty photos...


And Sis playing the keys

I'm happy I've finished half of my sentence here. I would love to say it has gone by quickly but it hasn't... at least most parts haven't. I cannot wait to get back up to my home. I was gonna visit this coming weekend but I want to save my money for opening night at the Shark tank on October 8th cuz I'm gonna need it.

Well, I'm done ranting and quite sleepy