Friday, November 20, 2009

Back in the Bay

Me and the kitties are back home. We have been quite happy
(I am getting restless waiting for work) but we are all happy to be back with our friends and family.

We miss Visalia in a way... nice to never have to worry about money and we (especially the kitties) miss my dad.

It have been great and a nightmare putting this house together... of course I could have made it easier by not painting the walls but that wouldn't be fun

New Painting!

The biggest thing to get used to is the cold.
We freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze in this house
but the kitties love the heater

We had to go to Ceres to get some more of our stuff so finally I got to see the baby
and she is beautiful!


Proud Mama and Papa

Awww... Drew Daddy and his little girl

Drinking their bottles

So I knew I wanted to paint the walls once I got moved in....

so I painted the bathroom yellow (thank you crystal for the help... it wasn't easy)
I painted our bedroom teal (woot... sharks)
and yesss.... the livingroom

the beginning
the blueprint

I found some kitty feet prints... so I had to go find the feline artist

Caught green pawed... of course it was Jerry

Starting the forest

San Jose is making me fat

TaDaaa... finally after many days... finished

Now just need to put the rest of the house together.
It has been nice being here, but thanksgiving is next week and I get to head back to Visalia
I love thanksgiving so I'm excited to fatten up.