Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally It Came to Me: Week 1

Ohhh... the Flea Market. I wish I could have gotten this ridiculous lamp of a carousal horse. It would have been neat in the dub street house.

Boredom and enjoying my new sunglasses fascination... yard sales are good but in Visalia on Sunday no one comes. Dad said everyone was at church... that would not surprise me in the least. Oh well, making $100 for nothing felt good.

Lastly, I finally got some inspiration and got into the mood to start some art. Maybe it was the heat scaring me away. Whatever it was its gone and now I cannot stop writing, drawing, and playing the piano. Yay, for what my dad calls my useless hobbies... as if watching TV and drinking were any better.
I cannot wait to head to the bay area this week. I can finally go home even if for a little bit. I cannot wait to spend the day with Chris, visiting the delicious vegan deli, going to the park and just enjoying everything I left behind.